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Membership of Travelwriters UK costs 30 for the first year.

Thereafter, the fee is 24 per year.

Each application is assessed on its merits. Do not send the fee until you have been accepted.
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, there is an additional fee: see

Membership of Travelwriters UK is open only to professional travel writers and other professional travel journalists, including broadcasters, photographers and editors, who live or work or specialise in Britain OR whose work is currently being used by mainstream, English-language UK media.

A track record of paid-for, professional travel journalism (or books) for English-language UK media outlets or publishers is a requirement for membership of Travelwriters UK.
If this cannot be verified, it will not be possible to join.

Your email address:

Your professional name:

The town or city where you are based:

Your website address (URL) if any (if none, write NONE):

Please select one or more of these to describe your work:

Editor or travel editor
Travel journalist
Travel photographer
Travel broadcaster

Write here up to about 30 words of text describing what work you do or have done. This will form the basis of your Travelwriters UK listing if you are accepted. Be sure to name at least one publication or other outlet which has used your material within the last 12 months.

Travelwriters UK changed hands in November 2017
Until 30 November 2017, Travelwriters UK belonged to Andrew Sanger; responsibility for the site, membership, listings and receipt of payments before that date lies with him, and your contract is with him. On 30 November 2017 Andrew transferred Travelwriters UK to Ben West. For the period after that date, all responsibility for Travelwriters UK lies with Ben.

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