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Travelwriters UK is only for professional travel writers, broadcasters, photographers and journalists who are British OR who live or work or specialise in the UK OR who are published in the UK.

Travelwriters UK exists to facilitate the working lives of travel editors, journalists, writers, photographers and broadcasters.

Travelwriters UK discourages any journalism undertaken for lower-than-market-rate fees, and membership is open only to those who have a track record of publication paid for at typical market rates.

Email or website addresses given for display on the Travelwriters UK website, and for us to contact you on Travelwriters UK business, will be used only for those purposes.

No information at all about Travelwriters UK members, other than what is displayed on the website, will be passed on to any other person or organisation for any purpose whatever, unless at the member's express request.

Travelwriters UK has no political affiliation or viewpoint and will not knowingly link to any website which promotes a political viewpoint.

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