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Travelwriters UK currently has about 100 members, most of them established full-time professional travel journalists. There are also some successful newcomers. All contribute to mainstream UK media, at professional rates of pay, which is a membership requirement.

The function of Travelwriters UK is to give individual travel media professionals a 'shop window' that can be seen free of charge by editors anywhere in the world. In addition, if work offers are sent to us, they are circulated to the membership.

Travelwriters UK was created by the British travel writer Andrew Sanger in the year 2000. It is still run by Andrew together with his partner Gerry Dunham. Andrew deals with all contact with members, forwarding offers of work and answering any queries. Gerry deals with new applications, administration and communication with non-members.

Andrew is familiar with travel journalism from both the writer's and editor's point of view. He has had a long and successful career as a full-time professional travel writer, editor and author. He's written forty guidebooks, most for major travel publishers, as well as hundreds of feature articles for the travel pages of UK nationals (broadsheets and tabloids), consumer and customer magazines, travel trade press and travel websites, and edited a travel magazine for French Railways. You can find out more about him and his work from his own website and his Travelwriters UK Personal Page.

Although a membership organisation, Travelwriters UK is not a charity. However, prices are kept low to encourage more writers and other journalists to join, on the basis that the more members it has, the more commissions it will generate, and the more useful it will be to each of the members.

Travelwriters UK is changing hands in November 2017.
Travelwriters UK will change hands in November 2017. After 30 November 2017, all responsibility for Travelwriters UK will pass to the new owner, Ben West.



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